Noob with an Aristocrat Regal "Honey Bee"

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Re: Noob with an Aristocrat Regal "Honey Bee"

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That's a nice Bobby D. Essentially the same game as my Honey Bee, but with different graphics. :)
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Re: Noob with an Aristocrat Regal "Honey Bee"

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treefrog wrote:Don't have a Honey Bee, but did pick up a Bobby Dazzler the other week, minus cash tray and slides (of course I have spares of these).

I am in UK though, so can't help you.

I have 3 Regals, two 3 reelers and this 4 reeler. Never seen a UK version of the 4 reeler and this one is also on Aus 10c......

I was going to post a joke anonymous post to BP's post of this machine from 3 months ago, asking if anyone knew why the coins were falling out all over the place and where I could get a cash box from, but then realised the ability to send anon posts has gone. Anyway the email I sent in January, they responded 3 months later and accepted my offer, from a small antiques shop in south London.
You are going to need some of our Aussie 10c pieces now %|%
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