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Sega type Lucky Devil

Postby andy d » Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:39 pm

Photos for Coppinpr
These are the photos you requested, hope they are OK.

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Re: Photos for Coppinpr

Postby coppinpr » Mon Jun 22, 2015 8:31 am

Anyone out there who can help please chip in, this is a Sega type "Lucky Devil " and the 'special' has stopped.

OK, not what I remember at all! :o I'm getting old!! The 'special' was working so it's unlikely to be a total failure. First thing to do is manually operate the 'special'. The 'on' and the 'off'' for the 'special' are almost certainly mechanical. Photo 1 is the lighting. The box in photo 2 could be a timer for the 'special'. Does anyone know? Work all the switches by hand and see what they do; set up the line that lights the 'special' and see what it triggers. At that stage something is not working. (Check the mechanical side is allowing the vertical finger to go through the plate and set up the 'special' before looking at the electrical side). Now work all the solenoids and switches by hand to try and start the 'special'. My guess from the photos is that the solenoid in photo 7 only becomes live when the 'special' is on, causing its lever to press against the plate looking for a win and something is not switching the solenoid on (or it's blown). We can deal with switching the 'special' off once we get it to turn on.

Just a thought - one photo shows the connector from the mech to the case (I think, can't really see). Double check this is connecting correctly before you do anything else.

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Re: Sega type Lucky Devil

Postby andy d » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:37 pm

Well, after researching 'How to force a payout', I have discovered the memory!! :woops:
I remembered playing this bandit years ago and I thought the top light lit every now and again and paid out 10 coins if you had a DEVIL on the payline of the first reel, which would be difficult not to get as there appears to be one on 99% of the symbols.

Anyhow, I forced the jackpot and lo and behold - the top light lit and after having another pull, 10 coins paid out (Cuz I had a Devil) then another go......another 10 coins.......another 10 coins.......and then the light went out. Coppinpr appears to be correct with his guess that the box in photo 2 is a timer.

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