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Site may be down shortly...

Post by pennymachines »

Sorry folks, but some downtime is anticipated between July 7th and 17th:
UK Data Centre Capacity Upgrade

We would like to inform you about an upcoming large scale UK Data Centre expansion during the next 2 weeks.

This will be due to additional data centre capacity required.

Here is a general schedule of the procedures we will perform:

1. We will set-up new server racks, upgrade the network and add new basic DDOS / flood protection devices
- the expected downtime here would be up to an hour.
2. Once this is done we will begin to physically migrate servers over from the old data hall to the new data hall. Starting with the storage servers - the expected downtime here would be up to 30 minutes per storage server
3. The next step is to migrate the mail servers - the expected downtime here is again about 30 minutes per mail server
4. The last but not least will be migrating the web servers.
- We will have all new webs set-up on place in advanced and therefore the expected downtime per web server is about 5 minutes for a reboot.

This is a major upgrade that will bring great new overall experience and we do hope that you all will appreciate it!

The sad thing is that we are forced to work only during business hours due to security policies in our data centre.

The procedure will start on Tuesday, July 7th at 9 am UTC and it is planned to be completed by Friday, July 17th.

The expected total downtime during this entire period is about 4 hours but you can have our promise that we will do our best to get this done much faster for your convenience.

Thank you for your time and understanding regarding this matter.
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Re: Site may be down shortly...

Post by badpenny »

.......... I'm all for flood protection !?!
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