Aristocrat Payout help needed.

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Re: Aristocrat Payout help needed.

Post by rod71 »

Ah, thanks for that :) Yeah there's just one finger that isn't retracting away from the disk far enough by like 1mm. The rest are fine. Changing springs doesn't help.
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Re: Aristocrat Payout help needed.

Post by badpenny »

Ignoring the adjustment for the moment, I'm going to show you the desired result using one of your photos.

If you pull the handle and then immediately stop the spinning fan at the bottom back (we usually recommend pushing a duster into the fan to avoid damage) the reels will spin freely until they glide to a halt.
Then remove the mechanism from the case, looking from the back you'll see.
20150915_173755.jpg (106.71 KiB) Viewed 1307 times

The spring loaded lever marked A should now be vertical having moved in the direction of the arrow.
The metal button marked B should now be sitting on top of the lever at point C

If that's not the case then the vertical fingers will not be retracted completely and likely to be fouling the discs.
A slightly more adjustment will be needed - the bolt you loosened and the rod you adjusted. Until it does.

If however if the lever A is vertical and B is sitting happily on top of C, but when you move the reels there is fouling between the vertical fingers and the discs you'll know you've got the adjustment right (it can't go any further - and indeed shouldn't!)

Can you slide the reel bundle slightly over away from the vertical fingers? If so try that.
Is there excess wear on the bar that pushes the fingers or even on that finger itself?
Sometimes the long thin screw (Arrow D) that the pushing bar hinges itself on comes loose and undoes itself at the far end thus reducing its travel.

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Re: Aristocrat Payout help needed.

Post by coppinpr »

I've never had a four reel version of an Aristo (wish I did), so I'm not sure if this is relevant or not, but which finger is it? Is it by chance the one nearest the rear of the machine? If so, check the tension rod (just above the letter "B" in BP's post). These do come loose. Usually they make little difference, but it's a wide gap on a four reel - just possible the A frames are pinching together just a little, shorting the gap across the rear of the machine and moving the rear-most finger closer to the payout disc. Not likely, but worth a look.
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Re: Aristocrat Payout help needed.

Post by malcymal »

It might be possible to resolve the clearance issue by simply placing a thin washer (alongside what is there already, or completely replacing with one), perhaps just 1mm or less on the end of the reel shaft thus spacing/holding the payout discs slightly away from the payout fork. Thus the whole reel bundle is pushed by a smidging to the left in the A frame. As Badpenny suggests "Can you slide the reel bundle slightly over away from the vertical fingers? If so try that" in which case the washer would maintain that slight clearance. However, if there is washer on other end, adjust that width accordingly. I had exactly the same issue with an Aristocrat Esprit some years back. It also then became apparent that the kicker was then not quite striking one of the reel cogs which had wear in places, hence one lazy wheel spinning slow, so a bit of faffing with different size washers on either end for spacing needed. Its a very fine adjustment to get it right which is prety much my motto for all machines ive fettled with, half a mm can make the whole difference of machine working or not.
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