New improved videos and images!

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New improved videos and images!

Post by pennymachines »

I should probably mention a couple of recent improvements to video and image handling on the site.

How to post a video
This is now dead simple. You just post the URL (from your browser's address bar) and the Forum does the rest.
Most video hosting sites are covered.

Improved view
Because the videos are no longer displayed via the Flash player they're now viewable on all devices.

How to upload images
This is also a little easier, if slightly different from before.

Improved view
You've probably noticed by now, when you click on a posted image, the new lightbox displays a larger version (if available) scaled to the size of your screen. From the lightbox you can save the image, flick through or view a slideshow of all images on the page and enlarge it to full resolution (if it's bigger than your screen).
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