Aristo Sweet N' Sour

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Aristo Sweet N' Sour

Post by rod71 »

Not sure if these made it to the UK back in the day. It's a 1977 Aristocrat Sweet N' Sour. One of the last mechanicals before they transitioned to hoppers, PCB's and credit displays.

Whats interesting about this one is the "Feature"

Get 2 cherries on the first 2 reels and it pays 5 coins. Then every losing spin will pay 2 coins until a winning spin is achieved.

Not sure how this works, as my mate just picked this machine up the other day, and I'll be going to check it out soon. Will report back and let you all know the story.

In the meantime, anyone care to speculate on how this would work?
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Re: Aristo Sweet N' Sour

Post by gameswat »

Probably a relay or some circuit boards in the head to accomplish it as I can see a micro switch down on the slides and the plug of wires on the left side.
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Re: Aristo Sweet N' Sour

Post by badpenny »

Not truly "only mechanical"
I did have an Aristo 4 reeler that was only mechanical so they do exist, just not in this case.

Heavy brutes.
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