How best to use "New posts" & "Active topics"

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How best to use "New posts" & "Active topics"

Post by badpenny »

Talking to one of our members recently it occurred to me not everyone uses many other web forums apart from this one.
As a consequence not everyone may be finding the easiest way around Penny Machines.
I'm offering some easy tips, I don't want to teach anyone how to suck eggs nor confuse the hell out of anyone with jargon or techy stuff.
I'm only talking about the easiest way to find new posts and save time.
The member I was talking to expressed he had missed posts and/or had constantly re-read stuff he'd already seen in order to find the bits that were new.

So, that's all I intend to cover.
When I log on the first link I click onto is "New posts " on the top line.

This brings up ........ (click on image to enlarge)
New Posts Page
New Posts Page

First of all the symbol in the yellow circle tells you if there is a recent new post to that thread. If you hover the cursor over it it'll tell if you've already read it or not. The arrow head tells you "New Post" and you've not already seen it.
If you click on that symbol it'll take you to the last post you read, even if it was made months ago. The system remembers when you last viewed that thread and will take you back there ..... cool eh?

The title of the thread in the red circle can be used to go back to the very first post of that thread regardless of whether you've ever visited it before.

If you click on the link in the black circle then it'll take you to the very last addition to that thread again regardless of whether you've ever visited it before.

So that's it, have a play, and see if you can save time and avoid having to reread the same bit again and again.

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Re: How best to use "New posts" & "Active topics"

Post by pennymachines »

Another useful link, to the left of New posts is Active topics.
It can also be reached via the site menu navigator on the left, from the top of the Forum sub-menu: Latest.

It's the forum link I use most often and shows all topics which have been active over the last 7 days.

When on the Active topics page, you can also select topics that have been active anytime between the last 24 hours and the past 12 months, using the little drop-down box and Go button.
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