Great bandit coin tube fix

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Great bandit coin tube fix

Post by coppinpr »

This very cheap and surprisingly easy replacement coin tube deserves a mention simply because the parts used seem to have been made for the job. It's not one for the purists for sure, but in certain circumstances it's a boon.

Feeling full of fun the other day I decided to pull out a Hi-top mech I've had in the greenhouse(?) for two years and get it working. This poor soul has been round the block more than a few times and is not very special. Originally on US coinage, it's been through old 1d coins and is now on a poor 6d conversion. Added to that, it's worn and been dropped at some time. I quickly identified nine unrelated faults and a few missing parts, including the coin tube. It isn't even a good payer, having had no less than four extra lemons added to the first reel! Not surprisingly, I decided not to spend much money on it, but it was a nice challenge.

I couldn't find any tube in the workshop suitable, mostly because the receiver under the coin entry leading to the coin tube was sized for the old 1d and the tube needed to be for 6d. While looking round Homebase for something suitable (none of the tubing on offer was the right size for 6d) I spotted a toilet cistern replacement fill tube for £1.60. The tube was just right for the coin so I took a £1.60 chance on it. When I opened it up I found that it was pretty much made for the job; a flanged top (after you remove the screw fitting) the right size for the coin, long enough to be cut to the correct height; it even has the slight angle on the tube like the original. Took me about 15 mins to cut the right height, remove the screw fitting, attach to the cup at the top, and shave the bottom to fit tight into the recess above the slides. For this mech, the perfect replacement....for £1.60. !!RAYOF!!
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Re: Great bandit coin tube fix

Post by john t peterson »

Very clever fix, Coppinpr. If truth in advertising applied to slots, the card would read: "Come play with me and I will flush away your money."

J Peterson
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