Bloody sodding Microsoft!

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Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by badpenny »

Jeez, but I hate Microsoft ...... I sodding loath them!

In all my life (so far) I've never known such a bunch of shi77ers that have us by the nads and treat us so poorly.
This morning I booted up my laptop and after 5 mins I got a blue screen telling me Windows was configuring itself following the latest update.
Now I don't get updates, I've cancelled automatic updates, they're supposed to notify me there is one if I choose to download it.

However, it seems not! After a couple of hours I get to see my Desktop, but none of the shortcuts work, I have no internet although the icons highlight when clicked. The Start button did nothing, so I had no access to Settings nor could I even Power Off or Restart the damn thing.
It's taken me over 12 hours to start the bloody thing in safe mode so I can reformat it ...... minus of course the programs and apps I've installed since I bought it over a year ago. So now I've got that fun to look forward to plus I have to remember all my passwords again!

Plus of course I now have to download all of the updates from the last 18 months ago, so what are the chances of it happening again?
If I was running a business and depending on this bunch of clowns I'd be looking to rip off heads.

Stewth I'd rather trouble shoot a 1960s Pinball any day.

BP ....... dirtdog !!JUNK!! :dammit: !!RANT!! :!!!: :evil:
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Re: Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by bryans fan »

!!JUNK!! :smash:

I feel your pain! I can't log in to windows all of a sudden. Tried everything. !PUZZLED! Wasted hours. Now a nice man has taken it away to try to fix it !!GRUMP!! :cry:
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Re: Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by alan57 »

Glad I have a Ipad
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Re: Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by brianh »

Had similar problem with wife's laptop, tried all the usual remove battery, ctl/alt/del, safe mode, backdate, and everything short of John Cleese's damn good thrashing, no response, and finally fixed but £150 lighter in my poor bank account, but point is that if I was worth 150 billion dollars I probably wouldn't give a shit either :smash:
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Re: Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by pennymachines »

The answer is to bite the bullet and switch to a Linux-based OS.
I've stuck with Windows 7 largely on account of not wanting to lose programs I use for this website. That, and I'm too lazy to learn something new.

As I mentioned to you yesterday Bp, I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday battling to bring my computer back to life. My sin was to update the firewall, after which the will to compute just drained away. The first day was wasted seeking the culprit and the next one trying to remove it. The usual sort of Catch 22. The operating system doesn't have enough oomph to shut down, let alone uninstall a program, so I boot in safe mode and try a system restore but the corrupt program prevents it and you can't uninstall programs in safe mode... You have to edit the Windows registry to do so... :smash:

There's a sense of relief when it works again, but not really a sense of achievement. More a feeling that you're being psychologically assessed.
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Re: Bloody sodding Microsoft!

Post by widget2k4 »

Jeremy bite the bullet and get an imac or macbook you won't regret it, once with mac you won't go back :)
had my imac for coming up to 4 years now and its never been wiped once and still runs as fast as the day i bought it, from power on to desktop is about 5 seconds.
i gave up on microsoft after windows 7
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