Info wanted on Mills(?) machine

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Info wanted on Mills(?) machine

Post by coppinpr »

I've been asked if I can find any info on this machine... so I've come to the experts for answers please.
A re vamp case I know but anyone seen one like it before or know who might have made it?
Am I right in thinking it's a Mills 4 reel mech? I've never owned a four reel myself.
Any ideas on the reel strips, what machine would have used them? Not the Aristo style I'm thinking.
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Re: info wanted on Mills(?) machine

Post by malcymal »

I can't help you with your question but I really like it and never seen anything like it before!
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Re: Info wanted on Mills(?) machine

Post by pennymachines »

I'm no bandit expert either but there are a couple of examples of this one in the Arena Pokies Gallery. Unfortunately we don't have a maker's name yet, but the clue to Australian origin is the card symbols. There are also a couple of three reel bandits which may or may not be from the same maker. They have identical reel strips but a cruder 'agricultural' style, with an unusual front-mounted handle. One of the four reelers is called 'Jack's Jackpot - Elite' and one of the three reelers 'Mills Deluxe'. Presumably they were borrowing the prestige of the Mills brand name because they could. Ainsworth called one of theirs, 'Mills Special' and some of the British-made Balfour bandits carried a 'Mills Penny' casting on the front.
Ainsworth: Mills Special
Ainsworth: Mills Special
Jack's Jackpot - Elite
Jack's Jackpot - Elite
Mills Deluxe
Mills Deluxe
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Re: Info wanted on Mills(?) machine

Post by treefrog »

Not enough pictures of mechanism to say who it is by, I would say probably not Mills based on base plate and reel bundle. You could ask them for pictures of sides and back of mechanism as well. Was going to say Apex, but it is not the same. Maybe our Aussie cousins will know......they loved their reserve or as it states on these engaged badges pn Aussie machines (maybe nicked from a toilet)
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Re: Info wanted on Mills(?) machine

Post by slotsoffun »

Blimey... there's some ugly machines out there!! Lol :lol:
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