Fill 'Em Up Project

Building a slot machine from scratch? You're not alone in your madness.
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Fill 'Em Up Project

Post by Scratchbuilt »

Just thought I'd get in touch to let you know about my latest project.
I had to borrow a machine for this one - I couldn't have made this from a drawing.
This is one complicated machine and has been quite a challenge. I suppose it's OK if you have all the pressings, castings etc., but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else because the tolerances are really quite tight.
It took me just over two months - the fact that it was freezing in my workshop even with the heater on didn't help.
It works OK 95% of the time but the payout jams sometimes because my tube isn't the right diameter.
The playfield is hand-painted.

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Post by pennymachines »

Looks like an amazing job you've done again Scratchbuilt.
I think I have some suitable brass tube - email me.
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That's really cool

Post by bryansjim »

It surely is a work of art you must have a lot of time on your hands. :D :D
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