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Late M. Harris Snr. Slot Machine Spares Sale 11/08/19

Postby badpenny » Sun May 05, 2019 8:43 pm

Topic split from Late M. Harris Snr. Slot Machine Spares Sale 19/08/18 - Site Admin.
badpenny wrote:
Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:28 am
I got a reply asking if I had any more and a list of what he particularly wanted. Nothing else though.
I guess he has plans to meet his own needs.

The good news is we are still sitting on boxes of things he didn't want (mainly reel strips, slides and case bits & bobs).
Also after selling the house in Sheerness and moving the last of his family's chattels out more slot bits were discovered.

However Rapid Scaffolding is extremely busy and can not field any individual enquiries or requests. So we intend to run another event next Summer when most of the poles, boards etc will be out of the venue and propping up bits of Derbyshire.
Building on the success of this year's it will be in the form of the old "Rusty Nuts" days that we used to enjoy several years back.

It will be open to all collectors of clanky and thumpy mechanicals. You can come to peruse, have a table to sell your treasures or bring single items for us to sell for you.

Details in the New Year.

Following on from the above post.
Mick and I have agreed to a return match at the same venue in Derby on Sunday August 11th.
Basically there will be more of the same diverse spares plus the last lot we dragged out of Sheerness.
Additionally this year we are offering a new line in the guise of machine screws, bolts, nuts etc. Those of you who have messed around trying to get a metric version to fit will appreciate the value of getting hold of the real McCoy.

There will be machines offered and trade stalls may be booked. Anyone wanting to dispose of item(s) but not wanting a stall may bring it along and add it to the general items offered for a % commission.
Mick is currently running around photographing and listing spares.
I shall shortly be constructing the website.


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Re: Late M. Harris Snr. Slot Machine Spares Sale 19/08/18

Postby special when lit » Mon May 06, 2019 2:06 pm


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