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special when lit
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Re: WD 40 Advert

Post by special when lit »

Don't use it on handbrake mechanisms on rear brake calipers, it'll cause a fluid leak.
Also, don't use it anywhere on EM pinballs.
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Re: WD 40 Advert

Post by treefrog »

I love WD 40, even use it to clean me nuts.....

Use is everywhere, only ever used it on motorcycle chains as a lubricant as it lubricated and cleaned at the same time and repelled water.... Hated grease and oil for the same task, just need to use it regular. Great stuff.
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Re: WD 40 Advert

Post by badpenny »

Never use WD 40 in Hertfordshire.
It's a postcode in Watford.

BP :didact:
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