What the dickins is happening?

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What the dickins is happening?

Post by badpenny »

It's crazy enough to merely look at the end game of this auction.
Not only is it a £250(IMO) Aristocrat Arcadian but it's an OXO conversion which means the pay outs have been reduced to just two.

It's truly staggering enough to see it end at £620 !!!!! but if you believe the bid history there were 3 of them determined to throw money around. One of them chucked £630 at it when it was already at £600 and then had a sudden return to sanity (caused by?) and cancelled his bid?


The only thing I can say positively about this example are It has keys and the slide lock on the door, which are often missing.

BP :o !OMFG! :!: :shock: dirtdog
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Re: What the dickins is happening?

Post by treefrog »

I have never sold a bandit on eBay, but one or two wall machines. Funny I have one on there now and it has reached a dizzy £69 :HaHa: part of a load of stuff I was going to put into Coventry and needed to make room.

I have though sold a number of machines recently to people approaching me, rather than other way round, either through Facebook or I guess people who knew I had stuff going and I must be selling the machines way too cheap.....having said all that I don’t feel guilty which I would do if I got that sort of money, or maybe I am just stupid !OMFG!
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Re: What the dickins is happening?

Post by JC »

Still, at least the postage was cheap.......
and delivery within 3 - 5 days !THUMBS!
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Re: What the dickins is happening?

Post by jimmycowman »

And they say theres no money about..... 😂
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Re: What the dickins is happening?

Post by malcymal »

Maybe a prime example of shill bidding, pushing up the end price then retraction?
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