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I am curious as to why so few of us ( myself included) are using the FREE adverts in Jerry`s magazine? We are all desperate for anything to do with slot machines, scour eBay in the hope of finding something, get really excited at Auction time, yet no one seems to want to sell anything via the mag. ads. I remember when the old A A magazine by Steve was at its height the "Gold pages" were crammed with stuff, and was the first thing I looked at, and gave me several good buys and leads.
Sadly in M M M it seems there are just the same few people repeating the same ads month after month. Come on you lot , got something to sell, get it advertised, it will help boost the mag and get more subscribers hopefully.

What do you all think?
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Re: Adverts

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Yes I agree .This community is made up mostly of people who actually like the machines rather than just for the money (although there will be a few ).If someone sells something that is a wrong'un it is unlikely they will get away with it again. However please don't forget market and auction here.I was surprised there were so few entries and my comments above also apply.I think I am not alone in hating much of what goes on in ebay and what it stands for. I will put 'my money where my mouth is and advertise for wants ( haven't a big enough collection to think about selling yet unless the grail came along......)
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