Cromptons Tooty Fruity schematic

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Cromptons Tooty Fruity schematic

Post by riche100 »

Here is a pdf of a Crompton's Tooty Fruity machine.

Hope it's of use to someone.

Regards, Richard

(It's a 9meg pdf file)

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Re: Cromptons Tooty Fruity schematic

Post by doobyduck »

I've just taken delivery of a Tooty Fruity Gold Award.

Hopefully I'll be able to utilize your pdf file.

Much appreciated.

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Re: Cromptons Tooty Fruity schematic

Post by teddy5656 »

I have just aquired a Cromptons Tooty Fruity Gold Award 2p machine. Does anybody know anybody who can supply spare parts including relays for this machine? also the cabinet sides and base are in poor condition so any advice on repair and materials would really help.
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Re: Cromptons Tooty Fruity schematic

Post by moonriver »

Tooty Fruity machines are nice games to play. The drawback with these are the cabinets, and usually people always move them by one person holding and lifting the machine by the light box at the top and the other person lifting the bottom end of the machine. These are such heavy machines it invariably breaks off the top box. Also the bases get damp and collapse on them, so before you know it they just fall apart. Vintage veneered chipboard doesn't age well.
If the cabinet is really bad I'd consider making a nice new strong plywood one.
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