Bananas for sale

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Re: Bananas for sale

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coppinpr wrote:They will do a lot of sabre-rattling for two weeks then kick the clockwork orange's memory around till they lose it
Too many people voted for Trump for the memory to fade, he will be back again in 4 years because he is totally delusional, if the Democrats lose that memory it will be to their peril - I cannot imagine they will ever lose sight of the events of the past few days.
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Re: Bananas for sale

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arrgee wrote: Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:14 pm he will be back again in 4 years because he is totally delusional
It's painful to imagine, but if he did run again wouldn't it guarantee a Democrat win by splitting the GOP? Moderate conservatives couldn't countenance him again, so he'd either drive them away from the GOP, or run as an independent. Either way, he lost the vote this time by driving away moderates. His latest antics leave him with fanatics only. There are an alarming number of them, but not enough to win an election. Surely? |/XX\|
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Re: Bananas for sale

Post by gameswat »

He's aged a lot while in office so I really doubt he'll have it in him to try again at 78 and push through to 82. Especially with a slew of legal cases awaiting him once out of office. My feeling is he'll start his own Fox style news channel, called Trump of course. That way he can preach his crazy and push those that kiss his wrinkly butt. From what i read the $100+ million left in a bank account given by loyalists ( that gave over $200 million to Stop The Steal!!!!!!!!!) can not be used personally by him to run again, but he can use it to promote others. Thankfully none of his family shows a fraction of his cultability.
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