I blame you entirely

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I blame you entirely

Post by jerryt »

You know what it's like, you casually mention to a pal that you'd like another project and they pipe up.... What about a fruit machine, wouldn't that be fun?

The inevitable internet search followed, this with three main criterion in mind

1. Cheap enough.
2. Inexpensive...
3. Not much money

Suffice to say an Aristocrat Starlite ticked all three boxes.. It's arrived and a few hours of un-gumming and adjusting later it's well on the way to its new life as a shed curio...
There will inevitably be some newbie questions... brace yourselves.

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Re: I blame you entirely

Post by treefrog »

Welcome Jerry and a fine choice of machine to start with, being one of a few that loves these machines... The ones on YouTube are probably mine. !!THUMBSX2!!

You didn’t happen to buy the cheap one below the other day, very cheap at £122 on a one day eBay listing? Problem was seller wanted it collected by the weekend, otherwise I would have gone for it as it looked OK. :cool:
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Re: I blame you entirely

Post by badpenny »

Welcome to the affliction jerryt, come at us with your questions.
Although we really don't know what we're doing, we'll confidently lie to you while spontaneously making up all sorts of believable twaddle.

bp :cool:

Topic split, copied and continued here: Aristocrat Starlite queries - Site Admin.
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