New Reel Tins

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New Reel Tins

Post by stoxman22 »

I need some new reel tins (Mills type) for a restoration. I ordered some and a good quantity of springs from MrSlot in the states back in November. These have yet to arrive and despite emailing and at first getting replies with apologies I have not had them and think I will have to write off my money. So the question is, does anyone know of anywhere else I can get some, or I was wondering if having some 3D printed might be an option. Anyone gone down the 3D printed route?
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Re: New Reel Tins

Post by special when lit »

I've seen a few posts about MrSlot on various forums & groups.
Seems he's just one guy working on his own, & tends to get a bit behind with orders.
I'd wait a bit longer, see if your reels turn up.
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Re: New Reel Tins

Post by pennymachines »

Post has also been unreliable since before Christmas. Package sent from UK in mid December arrived in Australia last week. Package sent from Australia to UK around the same time never arrived. Similar problem with letters sent around Christmas. Heaps of undelivered mail lying who knows where...
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Re: New Reel Tins

Post by treefrog »

The reel tins should be the same for Sega as well as Mills machines. As such, many bundles have come up for sale at collectors auctions. I remember at the Derby sales there were lots of bundles there and one person bought most of them - Roger. in Norfolk. who used to sell all the spares at Coventry and Elephant house when they used to run. You could try him........

Yes, there were a few posts a while back that Dave Berten had not responded to correspondence, so not sure if there is an issue there....
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