A jolly good read, at just the right time

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A jolly good read, at just the right time

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Unfortunately, I had to attend a funeral a few days ago, a very good friend of mine but it has to be said he had a good inning at 95 years old.

While waiting for the service to begin a picked up one of the thoughtfully provided leaflets the local authority (the green party) had provided(at public expense) as a little light reading before the show kicks off. There were several to pick from but by far my favourite was this one "Recycling of metals following cremation".

This points out that for many years orthopaedic implants such as hips and knees were "raked out" and stored until there was enough to bury at the crematorium but the local authority (still the green party) have now decided this is no longer considered enviromentalyy correct and in the future, they will be "raked out" and stored until there is a suitable amount, at which time their designated scrap merchant will be happy enough to remove them (seeing as they are made of stainless steel and titanium I'm not surprised he will be happy to take them away) . It goes on to say that the small amounts of precious metals cremated with the body are too small to be recovered (from what I've been told by two separate funeral directors that's because they never go into the fire in the first place) Anyway,I passed a merry few minutes reading the leaflet but refrained from passing it to the 86 year old wife of my late friend.
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