Deci King reel spin?

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Re: Deci King reel spin?

Post by badpenny »

Test all of the wins first, in case you're missing something.
It's better to problem solve with all the evidence than to guess the bigger picture with only a couple of clues.

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Re: Deci King reel spin?

Post by ronnie63 »

Lol have checked some not all, it now 3 times in a row paid out on 1 cherry!

so far

not paying
1 lemon
any combination of oranges 3 x or 2 + star (it was paying for 3 before?)

I have changed all bottom finger springs for pinball return springs, they are low resistance.

I reduced the fin size slightly on the clock

I tried altering that offset cam thing on the back of the clock that pushes the long thick bar that runs along the back

I tried that screw that adjusts the slide blocker bar.

I have not adjusted the dog as yet.

Whilst I'm still head scratching I'm making the cabinet pretty!

Thanks Ronnie
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