Ripplers: repro & real

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Re: Ripplers: repro & real

Post by scorpa163 »

Once bought a reproduction one on eBay but did not like the gameplay (you could set the paddles at a certain angle and get the high score centre column every time).
So sold it on at a Coventry auction and doubled my money!
It all depends on the day at auctions.
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Re: Ripplers: repro & real

Post by jimmycowman »

Mine I got from the Elephant House in the early days when you could get a bargain.
sentimental salvage
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Re: Ripplers: repro & real

Post by sentimental salvage »

I’d say mine’s original 😂
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Re: Ripplers: repro & real

Post by brigham »

I'd agree...
...apart from the handle, which may have spent some time opening and closing a car window!
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Re: Ripplers: repro & real

Post by arrgee »

Would agree an original, most repro Ripplers (if not all) do not have the thin timber moulding at the glass/timber frame junctions - see pic, yours has this detail.
Bryans thin moulding pattern.png
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