Kalloscope - please help - anybody owns similar?

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Kalloscope - please help - anybody owns similar?

Post by bridget »

Hi. Does anybody own a similar divice - pls see picture. My friend can restore anything, but he needs pictures of the inside. Thanks so much in advance. Bridget
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Re: Kalloscope - please help - anybody owns similar?

Post by treefrog »

Welcome to the site,

If you do a search sent below there were a number of posts on this machine. I almost bought one last year and maybe able to find more internal pictures, but there are some on the topics in this search,

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Re: Kalloscope - please help - anybody owns similar?

Post by pennymachines »

Welcome Bridget, and sorry I was unable to reply sooner...
Following TF's suggestion, I searched online and found these high resolution images of an excellent example at cowanauctions.com which shows the interior plus a feature I was aware of, but had not seen before - the rear-mounted lamp housing. These viewers contained back-lit, hand tinted stereo tissue cards (Diableries etc.). There's a frosted glass pane at the back which lets natural light through (if it's against a window, for example) but there should also be fittings for an oil (or gas?) lamp. Unusually, this one has its lamp coving intact, albeit converted to electricity.

If you need some specific detail for the restoration, please post again and I'll try to oblige.
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