Ball catching games

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by pennymachines »

EDIT TO ADD: - posted before I read the above. :cool:
arrgee wrote: Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:35 pm Anyone know if the top set of forks in this machine are a 'standard' width for the Retreeva?
The upper fork is set quite wide in the video. There's a red painted nut behind the upper and lower fork allowing the operator to set them wide or narrow, as desired (continuously variable). So you can make the game longer by widening the lower fork, or easier to win by widening the upper fork. There's also a switch to give winners coin return only, balls return only, or coin and balls returned. Flyer

To me the question, 'which is your favourite machine?' is easy. The Retreeva reigns supreme. The mechanism is quite different from the Payramid and a small miracle of proficient design. Received opinion is that it failed because it was too complicated for players to understand. This seems odd now when you compare it to the complex play of modern digital games.

The Trickler also gives good play value, but the lack of monetary reward limits its appeal slightly.
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by treefrog »

I wondered if would get a kick back, love stirring the pot occasionally it livens up the site a bit. :HaHa:

I certainly would never compare any skill game to a bandit and never did. I also own many skill machines, especially two player games and love them, but the Payramid is too quick, the Retreeva at least gives a second chance. I wonder what the operator view was in terms of customer interest and return play was or is for current arcade owners...

My point on prices is that Retreevas use to be between £3000 and £3500 and most have sold way below this in last couple of years, some lower than the one above ;-) , whereas Payramids potentially have gone the other way......

Mind you I will always stand by the view that Bryans worse machine and possibly the worse skill machine ever made was the Rippler, I would rather caress my eyeballs with chilli sauce before going to bed than play one of these (and oddly I owned one once, still been cleaning my eyes since)
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by arrgee »

Reading through the Bryan's flyer, I see that it states "The wide setting of the fingers is a terrific attraction" so my original question answered, thanks mr pm.

Friend of mine has a Payramid and in the 12 years he has owned it, the jackpot has only been won twice! It does look like the Retreeva is easier to win than the Payramid but I like to think of these two games (and also the classic Clown) as 'reaction testers' rather than catchers.
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by pennymachines »

The forks on the '30s Payramid were continuously adjustable, like the 1946 Retreeva, but on the '60s Payramid there were four positions, selectable by moving a red split pin.
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by badpenny »

My favourite ball catching machine has always been Slick. That's as both a player and a collector.
For those not familiar Click Here

It's more of an amusement or skill game than a gambling one as you may get your penny back.
What grabs me most is that each of the five balls face three different ways of being caught.
After I've played Payramid, Retreeva or a Clown a couple of times I find them just more of the same. I've never felt any need to do anything different with a Rippler than walk past hoping to encounter a painted board to watch for a while.

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Re: Ball catching games

Post by cait001 »

Slick is amazing but alas I doubt I'll ever have a chance to purchase one.

I do think Retreeva is a better game for having at home than Payramid.
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Re: Ball catching games

Post by meccano »

What size ball bearings are used in a 1930s - 40s J F Frantz kicker catcher game?
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