Essex Corn Exchange, Stock Broker & variants

American, British, French or German? We want to know about it.
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Naughty Boy

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Years ago I was busted for running an illegal bookmaking operation.. :tut :tut :tut
After doing my time, I was given the choice of joining the Foreign Legion or becoming a STOCK BROKER.
I chose the latter.

Now you know why I prized my "StockBroker" slot machine.
Recently, I discovered a picture of the machine on the internet. You will note that it should not be confused with
the "Little Stockbroker" as pictured on several Forum posts

Previously, I requested information on my machine; since there were no replies. I assume it is quite rare.

Perhaps, the attached photo will elicit some answers.....Other than my machine, I have never seen another one.


ROGER :byee: :byee: :byee:
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Re: Naughty Boy

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Either Essex or Samson, at a guess.

PS. Nowhere near as good as a Little Stockbroker, in my opinion!
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Re: Naughty Boy

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Essex Auto Manufacturing Company Ltd of Southend-on-Sea. Probably supplied by Samson. Made about 1929. I have a similar one called 'Electric Exchange'. Heaps better than Little Stockbroker in my opinion.
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Re: Naughty Boy

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