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Wall Mounting an Allwin

Post by kieran9990 »

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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered before. I've just been bought an Allwin de Luxe for my birthday and I'd like to know how best to wall mount it.

I see in the past someone has put some holes to the rear casing but I would like to get a good idea from owners which is the most ideal way without the worry of it falling off the wall.

Many Thanks and Happy New year.
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Re: Wall Mounting an Allwin

Post by brigham »

I always make a shelf (or just a batten) to take the weight, so that the screws through the back are only securing it to the wall.
That way, no load is being placed on the cabinet joints.
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Re: Wall Mounting an Allwin

Post by widget2k4 »

I have 10 on the wall just straight through the plywood back and never had a problem and use them daily.
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Re: Wall Mounting an Allwin

Post by treefrog »

Yes, the topic has come up a few times... (Now merged above - Site Admin.)

As has been mentioned in the past, they were designed to be screwed directly through the backboard, but a few things to consider. Your wall fixings, type of wall e.g. plaster and age or state of the machine after many years of deterioration. Lastly, you have spent a lot of money on the item and would be really pissed if one night it dropped to the floor in pieces all for the cost of a £3.50 shelf from Wickes. I know what I would do and have done... ;-)
ollie h
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Ideas for hanging moveable wall machines

Post by ollie h »

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I have always displayed my allwins and other wall machines on side boards, console tables etc. The main reason for not permanently fixing them to the wall is my collection has been in spare bedrooms and hallways and anywhere that the wife will allow. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has snuck a machine in and waited for the wife to notice it before telling her that it’s been in the house for ages and just been repositioned.
Luckily for me I am in the process of building an outbuilding/ man cave in the garden to house my collection. I should hopefully have a fair bit of wall space so wanting to mount the wall machines where they were designed to be placed. I would however like the flexibility to move them around, swap and change as my collection evolves. So I had the idea of some sort of rail system that attaches to the wall and brackets that fix to the machines so they can easily be lifted off and moved around without having to put new holes in the wall each time.
So my question is has anybody done this in practice and could share their ideas and spread some light on the matter. Many thanks in advance.

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Re: Wall mounting slot machines

Post by flyer58uk »

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Has anyone got any tips for hanging these machines on the wall or recommended brackets etc etc

Appreciate your help
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Re: Wall mounting slot machines

Post by tallstory »

My preferred method is to screw a batten on the wall so the case can rest on it, thus taking most of the weight. Then it just needs a couple of screws through the rear panel to hold it in place. I would recommend stainless steel screws, as they are much stranger that steel, and to get some good quality wall plugs - not the cheap and nasty ones at a penny a dozen. This does assume that you wall is solid and not plaster board, in which case buy another house. :D
If it is much heavier than a standard allwin, then a well fixed shelf is best.
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Re: Wall mounting slot machines

Post by flyer58uk »

Thank you for the advice. The wall is indeed going to be plasterboard. I know you can get some good fixings these days for larger TVs so was hoping that was an option. I wondered about the 1m long metal bracket on the back and the wall, a bit like kitchen fittings use, but the back of these are not overly strong.
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Re: Wall mounting slot machines

Post by watlingman »

lovely looking period display !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Wall mounting slot machines

Post by badpenny »

I've usually placed a thin unobtrusive shelf under them.
On occasion horizontal battens to the inside of the case back strengthen the ply wood from fracturing from the isolated pressure of the screwhead/washers.

When it comes to the shelf I follow the Isambard Kingdom Brunel line of thought. At the age of only 28, Brunel was appointed chief architect to the Great Western Railway. A massive challenge was designing Maidenhead’s railway bridge over The Thames. The Thames is 100 yards wide at the point where a bridge needed to be built, and the Thames Commissioners stipulated that it must in no way impede the navigation channel or the towpath.
He ended up planning two unsupported flat arches. The Commissioners were not confident it would survive especially against the annual floodings that still happen even today. So they made him fit wooden arch supports to the underneath for two years, as a test. When it all survived and the wooden supports were eventually carried away in a flood without affecting the brickwork, Brunel came clean and told the truth. The wooden supports had never touched the brickwork in the first place. He was able to monitor any movement by checking if the bridge had settled at all and was touching the woodwork.

So my method with the shelf was to place an old penny between the bottom of the case and the shelf. I then removed the coins before tightening everything up. The gap was minuscule, if the machine did sag from the wall it was only a 1mm movement before the shelf did its job. However once a month I could slide a penny "Shove Ha'penny Style" beneath the case. Thus proving all was secure, alternatively summat had moved and investigation was needed.

Mind you I don't experience Broad Gauge steam trains running across the top. I also believe IKB never dropped an Allwin.

BP :dapper:
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