Bally Gold Cup Deluxe circa 1965

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Re: Bally Gold Cup Deluxe circa 1965

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We are up and running !!YIPPEE!! ....Thank you for your help and advise.
Turns out it was related to the anti cheat solenoid (as said from the start lol) not pulling in enough due to a tight spring (not the correct one).
Missed initially as I had tested it off load and manually activating the solenoid to get continuity, but it wasn't until I started chasing the missing 6 volts while powered up that I found the problem.
Once I've tackled a few other issues, I'll have to get to grips with some of the "showman unofficial modifications". !OMFG!
Thank you again for all the help. !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: Bally Gold Cup Deluxe circa 1965

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I'm following this thread carefully.
I have a pile of these Panascope machines to tackle...
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Re: Bally Gold Cup Deluxe circa 1965

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What kinds? Not a lot of people bother with them because they're hard to sell. On American Ebay they generally don't fetch more than $50.
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