First bandit choices

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First bandit choices

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So, having fixed up a good few em pinball machines, lots of allwins, a Duomat and a variety of other German em oddities I’ve never actually owned a bandit. The time has come to fix that. So advice needed. Here’s my wish list:
Mechanical rather than em for this one
Love a jackpot feature if possible
Happy to have one that needs a bit of a fix up, debunk, paint job etc but not one with missing parts made of unobtanium or one thats so obscure no one can offer any help if it goes horribly wrong.

So, are there any particular makes/models I should be seeking out or ones to avoid? I’m interested in general advice to help me in the hunt and I always prefer to buy stuff than needs a bit of a tinker rather than the finished article - that way I can actually feel like I’ve contributed something. Of course if anyone here has one they are looking to move on and fits the bill then message me - I’d be happy to consider it.

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