Dingles Heritage Centre

Discuss our on-site auctions and other slot machine auctions.
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Dingles Heritage Centre

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Plenty of fairground artwork for auction. Dingles Heritage Auction... Does anyone know if it's permanently closed?
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Re: Dingles Heritage Centre

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The Fairground Heritage Trust and Dingles Fairground Museum have not folded, and are in no imminent danger of doing so.

The pandemic has been particularly challenging and has also involved moving from the old buildings to a new one on the end of the Rides Hall. In March this year the Trust also lost the use of all on site storage facilites.

As such the opportunity has been taken to re-establish the defunct annual Vintage Auction (with new auctioneer Ed Buckland) and reduce significantly the stored items on site. Much of what is being sold has never been displayed or catalogued and was never likely to be. All key pieces are being retained and nothing else will be sold (nor can it be if formally part of the collection)

The good news for the slot machine fans is that the arcade is now built up in the new building and at its full length (10ft longer than before) and that in time a slot machine sub committee will be set up to look at improving the selection of machines on display, all of which will be playable. A foursquare, fortune teller and crane were added to the Trust collection over the summer to supplement the existing loan and collection items on display.

The aim is to ultimately have a good cross sections of makes and types, and possibly in time some more 'modern' video games. Time never stops moving forward, so neither can we!

Les Coddington (who is on here somewhere) is our resident tinkerer and fixer of machines, and we welcome other volunteers around the museum going forward.

If anyone would like to know more, just PM me. If you check out the Dingles Facebook page you'll see recent photos of the arcade going up, though it won't be accessible at this weekends auction. We will reopen in April 2022.

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