There's a new girl in my life

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There's a new girl in my life

Post by mikef »

It was love at first sight as soon as i clapped eyes on her. Talk about using bits off her for spares made me decide I had to step in, do the gallant thing and save her.
Clearly started life in Germany and came over to the uk for a "make over" but who created such a beauty and does anyone recognise those curvaceous lines or the castings........possibly off the original or made as part of her transformation into the goddess she is today.
There is still one panel in tact, all be it been eaten alive. I should be able to build a new case, but not sure how the base would have gone, so hoping some similar examples will be posted....
So come on guys help me try to identify and save her.
Thank you

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Re: There's a new girl in my life

Post by treefrog »

Like others I was tempted to go for this, but would have sat around for a long time before finding the time to do anything. I love the name, the main driver on this one, very 50’s 60’s unpc today, but cool at the time.

Never seen one before or probably again and who knows which of the U.K. companies did this…..looking forward to seeing finished item.. !!THUMBSX2!!
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Re: There's a new girl in my life

Post by badpenny »

If it had been closer to me I'd have been tempted too.
Keep us informed!

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