Lord Sega artwork

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Lord Sega artwork

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Unmodified art work, may need a bit of a tidy
Award card, jackpot glass and reel glass
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Re: Lord Sega Art work

Post by Payazzo »

Here are the retouched versions. I did not have much time to work them out but I guess they will be just fine. PNG files have alpha channel for transparent areas. I'm not sure about the DPI or exact colors but maybe the machine owners can adjust them. I don't have the machine. Last time I have played Lord Sega was a year ago.

My friend did have Sega Lord slot but with little bit different award card (Mystery text in corner). Also the jackpot window was like red/white "tooths". Here you can see different models and other old Sega slots:


(Some old slots gallery added to Archive/Links - site admin.)
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Re: Lord Sega artwork

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Re: Lord Sega artwork

Post by pennymachines »

Do you mean this page, or the Resource page at https://pennymachines.co.uk/arena/downl ... a-artwork/ ?

Please post here the full url of a/the page on which you are experiencing this.

What device/operating system/browser are you viewing with?
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