Peter Simper machines

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Re: Peter Simper machines

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Interesting stuff. Thanks for sharing. I envy you your life in the Philippines. I bought a condo in Manila (Pasig) and had it for some years and loved my visits there. I miss it now that I've sold it.
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Re: Peter Simper machines

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Enjoyed reading your memories Martin. Thanks for sharing
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Re: Peter Simper machines

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Great read and sounds like a great company to work for...
I remember the Peter Simper office at Heigham St, in Norwich when I was around 17 (I'm now nearly 60). It was a tiny shop that was manned by a lovely guy and great engineer called David Bailey. Dave sometimes would help me out when I needed some machine parts. He would also cover the Warners Holiday camps, his main one being Warners Corton near Lowestoft and when I was with my family on holiday at Warners Dovercourt he turned up to do a repair as he was covering for an engineer there also. He had brought along his wife and they stayed overnight. He also used to drink in my local pub, the Rosary, in Norwich and we used to spend hours talking about machines. He would tell me about the old school machines and the cam units and payouts etc and I would tell him about the latest Barcrest (mpu3) and JPM (system80) electronic technology... He lived across the road from the pub and he invited me 'round to see his pride and joy... a Wurlitzer 1960s Lyric Jukebox... It was the first time I had seen a jukebox in someone's home. I think he inspired me as now I have too many. :)

all the best .... Dicky
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Re: Peter Simper machines

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I just want to say what a fantastic website this is. Winding the clock back and seeing these machines and various names is absolutely fantastic. I have been absorbed by it.
Best wishes to everyone. Thank you so much for the trips down Memory Lane,
Regards... Martin P
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