Great Movie

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Great Movie

Post by roger »

Sorry for the off-topic but I just had to share my experience at the movies last night.
LANCASTER tells the story of the iconic British bomber that's remembered for some of the most famous
flying missions of World War 2. ............................... Don't miss it !!!

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Re: Great Movie

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How can it be off-topic Roger on 11th day of 11th month.

I knew a Lancaster pilot and also a Lancaster tail gunner. Both were quiet, unassuming modest characters - almost diametrically apposed to the characters that the films portray. We owe them the greatest respect. Their survival rate was incredibly low; especially the tail-end-charlie which was around 5 sorties.
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Re: Great Movie

Post by coppinpr »

I had an uncle who was a radio officer/gunner on Lancasters. Strangely he was deployed to India and saw little action. In a strange coincidence his father (who lied about his age to join the Lancers in 1914) was also sent to India in 1914 and never saw ANY action. My uncle gave me a radio out of a Lancaster he had stored away in his garage. Like a fool I threw it out years later only to find out later still that it was a valuable historical artefact.

I also knew a very interesting man who designed one of the first computers (mostly mechanical) to supply the correct parts to the correct place at the plant building Lancasters. After the war his work advanced computer science no end.
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