German Jubu-Ideal, Silent, Gloria bandits

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Re: Jubu Ideal, Silent, Gloria

Post by badpenny »

Well done Tom. I'm always fascinated when a manufacturer finds a way to do the same thing, only differently.
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Re: Jubu Ideal, Silent, Gloria

Post by treefrog »

Funny I re-read my first comment on seeing this type of machine when creating this thread
treefrog wrote: Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:34 am The shape obviously is trying to mimic a Hi Top Jewel... This is one ugly machine that looks like it was built in a shed or at least homemade.
:HaHa: I have changed my mind, fact when seeing some better ones it grew on me, but never had the chance to get one. Oddly one has never passed through the Elephant/Colcon from the records……
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