Tin cowboy allwin

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Tin cowboy allwin

Post by treefrog »

Sold today for £540 (£700 Inc comm) this unusual allwin. Bright red with handles and cowboy and Indian transfers on, possibly added later.

It looks like it is steel cased. !PUZZLED! I am sure I have seen this before, but could not find in site or my photos. I remember the transfers, handles and unusual coin cup... Wonder who made this. I like it and love the colour. !THUMBS!
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Re: Tin cowboy Allwin

Post by pennymachines »

Yes, I too was intrigued by the metal suitcase that morphed into an allwin (or vice versa). 'Have allwin, will travel'. :cool:
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john t peterson
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Re: Tin cowboy Allwin

Post by john t peterson »

Is that an ashtray on the right side?

J Peterson
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Re: Tin cowboy Allwin

Post by brigham »

It has a trigger quadrant on BOTH sides, like the Retro-Arcade ones.
Is that a clue?
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Re: Tin cowboy allwin

Post by arrgee »

brigham wrote:It has a trigger quadrant on BOTH sides
A lot of early Saxony Allwins also had this style of hardware as well
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Re: Tin cowboy allwin

Post by polaris »

Pics of inside if it gives any clues as to a particular maker or does it look like a one off project made by someone? It’s extremely well built as I can testify having had to get into it as the key was snapped in the lock which hopefully I can have made. The backflash is aluminium with either transfer images, as mentioned by TF, or possibly painted. I will have a closer look when I remove the glass for cleaning.
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