Hello from South of France

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Re: Hello from South of France

Post by pennymachines »

gastoon wrote: Wed Feb 08, 2023 10:41 am I am attaching a photo of my Allwin Extrawin early version by Amusement Machine Mart, to make the post more pleasant.
I've put your Extrawin in the Museum. !!THUMBSX2!!
I'm rather fond of Shefras wall machines and think Extrawin was their cleverest design.
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Re: Hello from South of France

Post by gastoon »

What a happy surprise that my machine is in your museum, you know how to receive new members, it's an honor.
If you want a picture of the interior and its mechanism, do not hesitate.

These 3 Shefras wall machines on the picture are superb, I did not know them... like many machines on this site, I am still a newbie...
I'm like a kid in a toy museum.
I go from discovery to discovery, it's a real pleasure.

I really fell in love with the Payramid machine from Bryan's, it fascinates me...finding one is my new quest. :woops:
I also like the "Get the Ball Past the Arrow" very interesting machine, and the multiple-column Allwins in general.
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