Working Models & Automata

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Re: Working Models & Automata

Post by gameswat »

So I now remember the two machines in the Davenport collection ( Cutting a Woman in Half and Indian Fakir) came from John Gresham's collection, sold to Roy by Pat Gresham as I was there when he came to look at those and a few other non coin-op pieces.
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Re: Working Models & Automata

Post by moonriver »

I have just seen another Samson 'cutting woman in half illusion' on my travels at Marvins Marvelous Mechanical Museum in Michigan
so they did make more, and experimented with the Peppers Ghost illusion quite a lot.
Similarly Darren's 'Haunted House' model, and Rye's 'Smokey Joe' are other examples.

mandrake Samson model.png
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