Grab a bargain

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Grab a bargain

Post by geofflove »

Just wow! ... name=11021 ... SwGh5kGGuD

If anyone can explain what's going on on his ebay site I'd be interested. Many, many listings of old radios at similarly crazy prices. I guess he only needs to sell one.....
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Re: Grab a bargain

Post by tim575 »

There is an Ebay seller in the US like that, preduction, well known for listing arcade at multiples of the fair market value.
Like any Ebay auction it has no meaning for asking price, the only thing that matters is an actual sold price.
There may be some reasons for listing something at a high price (way above market) other than intending to directly sell it.
Trying to establish a value by seeing what type of offers come in.
Or create a perception of value for it.
Or knowing someone that has the item and if you can find a buyer at high enough price then trying to broker a deal.
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Re: Grab a bargain

Post by tallstory »

He only gets an 80% approval rating which says a lot.
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Re: Grab a bargain

Post by JC »

In fairness, he does include free delivery from Turkey !!ESCAPE!!
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Re: Grab a bargain

Post by treefrog »

Maybe they were confused with the currency settings and it was meant to be Turkish Lire :HaHa:
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