BM Co. Fleet Air Arm, Bomber Command, D-Day etc.

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Saw this recently and was about to post when the site 'hiccup' occured.
Originally an OW Bomber Command (with some BMCo metalwork) converted to winafag, complete with the mercury switch for the payout solenoid
OW Winafag 1.jpg
OW Winafag 1.jpg (899.13 KiB) Viewed 732 times
OW Winafag mech.jpg
OW Winafag mech.jpg (1.02 MiB) Viewed 732 times
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Re: BM Co. Fleet Air Arm, Bomber Command, D-Day etc.

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I merged your post here, because we've seen this one before and I don't think it was ever Oliver Whales. It has all the hallmarks of the BMCo. electromechanical allwins.
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