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Re: Aristocrat Sheerline

Post by paul_cannon »

I've now had my Sheerline serviced by Mr. Jeremy Clapham and it's working lovely. I would highly recommend him. Regards Paul.
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Re: Aristocrat Sheerline

Post by badpenny »

Thanks Paul.
Kind of you to say.

A standard service, two bundles of springs and an interesting issue I've only stumbled across once before. Namely on the final 5 click sequence, numbers 4 & 5 had reversed.
This resulted in the weight of all the slides being loaded onto the horizontal fingers followed by the vertical fingers then trying to push them out of the way while wanting to look for holes in the pay out discs.
Which as we all know is a "No-No" and gives out very confusing symptoms.
It won't pay out anything.
The horizontal fingers are locked up.
The vertical fingers don't enter any of the discs, even when a pay out is perfectly in line.

So be aware and keep an open mind when problem solving.

BP :didact:
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