Heading for the dump?

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Re: Heading for the dump?

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Diss is fir arrgee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Use auto vizzit a New Yawka fir reely funny tawk....... Rogg

Translation: This is for arrgee...You ought to visit a New York resident for a hilarious dialect. Roger
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Re: Heading for the dump?

Post by arrgee »

Roger, an anagram of 'hilarious dialect' is: A Ladies Urolithic, which may explain the reason for the New York resident's dialect, should the resident be female.
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Re: Heading for the dump?

Post by brigham »

roger wrote: Mon Jun 12, 2023 12:01 am screenshot20230611 (1).png

Barnaby, the Shady Pines custodian/curator, is pictured putting the final touches on the restoration
of the "Talking Scale"

The machine has been modified to speak English, Chinese, and a weird. tribal, dialect called "Cockney".
"The dialect of the Cock-neighs, so called, I presume because their language formed the connecting link between that of the horse and that of the rooster."
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