Little Duke revamp into multi head - single reel

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Little Duke revamp into multi head - single reel

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Found this in the Mailbox page of the May 1983 issue of Loose Change magazine. The editor rightly attributes it as a British revamp of a Jennings Little Duke. But look at it compared to the original machine with all the new castings added to the top half of the mech to make it a multi head game!? Appears to have bike spokes attached to the centre hub of the now single wheel. Has to be the most complicated British revamp I've ever come across, and that cast alloy front, but strangely I've never seen this model before as far as I can remember. !PUZZLED! There must be more floating around the UK surely?

My guess is something to do with Bradley? According to the Arcades and Slot Machine book, in 1932 Bradley was referred to as The Perry Barr Aluminium co. So makes sense they had such alloy friendly machines.
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Re: Little Duke revamp into multi head - single reel

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Oooooh I like that 😍
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