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Still Kicking

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Howard Carter broke a small hole into King Tut's tomb and when asked what he was viewing he replied, "beautiful things".
100 years later I stood outside of an old barn in Connecticut, U.S.A. and peered thru a small crack in the door. It was then that I knew what Howie must have experienced when he made this great discovery.....Just behind that barn door lay a hoard of penny arcade machines that had not seen the light of day since a local amusement park had closed nearly 30 years earlier.

The owner had passed away but his son-in-law allowed me to view the entire contents of the barn. It was one of my great finds and joyful experiences of my coin-op collecting. I purchased the entire lot and, although I don't have any original photos, I have posted other pictures of some of the same machines. Ironically, 2 of the machines had an Egyptian theme.

I should add that many people associated with the Tut expedition died from what is described as the "Pharaohs Curse".... On the other hand, I'm still alive and kicking since my own discovery. Unfortunately, there is a "Shady Pines Curse" which leaves me with diarrhoea, hemorrhoids, an over-active bladder, constipation, plus the ever lasting diaper rash. Perhaps other members will share their own discoveries and the joys of coin-op collecting. ROGER
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