Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

Videos of vintage slot machines in action.
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Re: Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

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chris roadhog wrote: Tue May 30, 2023 12:15 pm Their success all came to a very sad ending.
You can't just leave us hanging on like that :NBG:
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Re: Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

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In a nutshell, Leonard Shields was a genius. He built up a very successful business and could spend big! He lived the life while the demand lasted, including big house, new Jag and speed boat.
(The Jag got stuck in the sand when launching the boat and the family watched on as the tide came in and covered the car!)
I would think the biggest blow was the slot tax on his big floor machines, rendering them useless. He went bust and lost everything.
He couldnt come to terms with not being able to provide for his family and committed suicide. His son Chris runs a music shop and is a family friend but never talks about the machines or his dad's business.
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Re: Vintage Slots in Films and Newsreels

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Not a slot but coin-operated nevertheless:

My 1960s Ditchburn Coffee machine left the museum late last year for a 3 month trip down to Pinewood Studios in London.
It was used in the making of Series 2 of Marvel Studios LOKI. I thought it was just being used in the background but it appears to have some kind of supporting role in the storyline, not that I know what that is... and if I did, I could not tell you as I have signed a NDA with Marvel Studios. :D
It was seen briefly in the first episode but at the end credits of said episode it makes another appearance in close-up. Also, Marvel sent me a super present with the machine when it was returned, a TVA (Time Variance Authority... it's a Loki thing) paper cup that had been specially made for the machine.

all the best .... Dicky
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