Hello from North Yorkshire

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Hello from North Yorkshire

Post by twinky »

Hi everyone. I have today become the proud owner of an Allwin penny machine. I really don't know anything about it except that it needs some work to get it working again. It will be a long project I expect and I hope to be able to learn some things along the way from those of you who are more knowledgeable about the subject.

First question though, is there a supplier of spare parts for penny machines in the UK? I know we will need a few, and can probably fabricate some things ourselves, but may need the odd thing from a supplier - if there is such a person.

Looking forward to reading your posts with interest.

Best regards

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Re: Hello from North Yorkshire

Post by pennymachines »

:WELCOME: to the site Ange.

Services and suppliers are listed in the Archive here.
Currently the only supplier of allwin spares is Retro Arcade.
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Re: Hello from North Yorkshire

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Great to welcome another enthusiast from my part of the world!
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