Aristocrat Kingsway

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Aristocrat Kingsway

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Just become the proud owner of 3 machines all needing to be restored or at least a high degree off maintenance. Machines are an Aristocrat Kingsway, Aristocrat Olympic and Rotamint Silver. The Olympic and the Rotamint are functional and paying out, but the Kingsway has numerous problems. Please excuse my ignorance, I am new to these machines and have never worked on them before so not sure of the proper names of the parts.

I need help with the Kingsway. I’ll try and deal with one problem at a time, but probably some of the issues will be connected. Only two drums rotate at speed and on investigation the “kicker“ only drives two reels. Further investigation reveals the anti reverse mechanism only works on the same two reels. Might be the wrong reels and/or alignment problems. It does not pay out at all which again might be related to the reel issue. Any help, thoughts, advice will be most appreciated.
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Re: Aristocrat Kingsway

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Can you push the reels across, so the payout discs are closer together? If so, you might be able to cure it by putting a washer between the 1st reel & the mech frame.
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Re: Aristocrat Kingsway

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Simple fix on the reel lock - the holding screws have lateral adjustment. Simply loosen both screws, slide to the right. Job done!!
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