Morphy Oct 2023 Las Vegas

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Morphy Oct 2023 Las Vegas

Post by tim575 »

The Morphy return to Las Vegas had a good presentation setup in the main building. Lots were spread out enough to get around them for inspection. They provided reserved seats and complementary breakfast and lunch and it was well attended. Only downside other than the usual strong bid prices was that they had too much to fit in the main room, so many items, including all the pinball machines, were in a second building 5 min walk away. They did have an 8 person tram running between the buildings.

Prices in general were pretty strong as usual (they realized over 5 million dollars for the 4 days) although a few good deals slipped in here and there. Advertising signs were a surprise with most seeming to go for 3 or 4 times the max estimate and one automotive neon going for over $98,000. On coin op side the hats off lung tester went for over $146,000 as the highest price in the auction and inside it did appear to be vintage/original vs repro. Much of the other coin op was more in the normal fair market value range of prior USA auctions. All of the arcade games were on Sunday. There were a couple of bidders that flew in from Europe. They had a drone fly over inside the main building to advertise before the auction.

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Re: Morphy Oct 2023 Las Vegas

Post by cait001 »

There's just no auction house that brings the spectacle like Morphy does. Lots of excitement brings lots of eyeballs which brings higher prices, but then that's why all the top collectors use them to exchange their 5-figure machines I guess.

Morphy does the whole collector community a service by keeping their archives open and public with beautiful high resolution photos. A real commitment to growing the hobby.
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Re: Morphy Oct 2023 Las Vegas

Post by clubconsoles »

I went with two friends (non coin op collectors).
Had a great time, although food and drink are awful expensive now.
Bought a few items, all cheap imo.
My favourite, and probably the best buy of the four items, was this Star Mfg Electro Hoist.
Never seen one of these in UK and this was fully working with original plated Dumore motor, no less.
It needs a couple of wood doors and cabinet refinish, but it's complete, which is a BIG thing when buying rare arcade games!

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