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How to upload & post images

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To upload images to the PennyMachines Forum:

1. You need to be a registered member (it's free and quite painless).

2. You must be logged in.

3. The most common image file type is a JPG or JPEG (file name ends .jpg/.jpeg)
Other acceptable image file types are GIF, PNG and BMP.

4. IMPORTANT: For normal purposes the size of your file should not exceed 300 KB. You can check this by right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties, then under the General tab look for "Size". (File sizes up to 4 MB can be uploaded to the Resources Forum).

How do I reduce the size of images for online use?

There are many free image editing programs you can download, like Light Image Resizer

How do I upload images or other attachments to the Forum?

1. When posting a message (provided you are registered and logged in) you will see a tab labelled Attachments below the main message entry form, next to Options. Click on the tab.

2. Click on the Add files button. This allows you to locate the file on your device and upload it here.

3. Wait until the indicator shows the upload is complete.

Repeat the process for further images.

(You can add file comments in the adjacent text fields, if you wish).

Images will appear below your message when you click the Submit button.
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