Jamiesons Automatics

Britain's only vintage coin-op magazine.
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Re: Jamiesons Automatics

Post by pennymachines »

Another load of machines on there their way to the arcades.

Some great pictures Slotalot, especially the ones I took ;-)
Seriously, it's pretty much unique to have such a comprehensive record of a vintage British slot machine company and its products. Thanks to you and Ian for putting it together.
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Re: Jamiesons Automatics

Post by slotalot »

Double Bugger!!!!
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Re: Jamiesons Automatics

Post by youngerap »

badpenny wrote:I've got a spare "E" if you're short of them.
Careful, BP. That sort of behaviour will get you banned from the club scene, you know! :NBG:
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Re: Jamiesons Automatics

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Not in this club Dude, most of us are too out of our heads on Sanatogen to remember where we put our mogadons.
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