Crazy prices - BDR

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Crazy prices - BDR

Post by treefrog »

Could not help posting this madness on here, I thought it was bad enough being asked 5k for a BDR Brooklands Racer, but this floor standing unit, probably the least desirable of the range given the size, this person is asking £3200 :shock: this even makes Jack from Junktion who has one for £1300 seem reasonable. Last time I saw one sell was for around 600 quid, which I thought was a lot then.

I love the machines and know of one others member here who also likes them, but this is madness. The seller also suggests they were in underground stations, suspect they may have mixed up that BDR had made underground ticket machines long time ago. Took me a while to understand the text. !PUZZLED! ... EBIDX%3AIT
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Re: Crazy prices - BDR

Post by mervyngoodhew »

he advertised it with 3 listings £3200 £31000 £3000 might come down tomorrow
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Re: Crazy prices - BDR

Post by dutchboy »

Here in the netherlands there are a lot of people bidding on they're own machines online. It's unbelieveble how long machines are for sale, sometimes much more than one year. When they put all that energy in real trade than they would earn more than the way they do it now. :didact:
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Re: Crazy prices - BDR

Post by badpenny »

Well " ..... SO MAY BE THE ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND IN EGSISTAS " is a possibility, but not true.
I turned one down in Doncaster about 25 years ago for around £300.

And unless I was also into fork lift trucks and overhead gantry cranes I still would.
If that had been installed in a Tube Station, I'd expect it to still be down there.
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Re: Crazy prices - BDR

Post by gameswat »

With writng like thit I do belieber this speller is a Nigerian Prinse!

Um, I meant, that was seller....damn, I really meant illiteratea.
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